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The Chicago Bulls are one of the most renowned names in the NBA and the game of basketball in general. It was the 6 World Series wins in the 1990’s that guaranteed the Dream Team’s place in the history books. Designed and manufactured to the strictest 47 brand quality standards, our Chicago Bulls hoodie shows the respect due to your favourite team, also offers bulls to fans wanting to show their love.

We offer our bulls hoodie in several sizes and colors. Making sure you find the perfect fit. Rock your Chicago Bulls hoodie during the next Bulls’ game and you’re sure to impress fellow fans. For decades 47 brand have produced and sold basketball hoodies, and we are proud to partner with the NBA.

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The Chicago Bulls hoodie is also a popular choice for teams who want to fly the Bulls’ colours. Just like you, we are huge Chicago Bulls fans and love designing and producing products representing such a legendary Dream Team. One of the best things about these hoodies is that they look so good with all of our Bulls products. At 47 brand we focus on making the best sports clothing and accessories for all of your favorite teams.

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